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    Post by Suzaku on Wed Dec 01, 2010 11:23 pm

    What is upgrading?
    Upgrading gear, weapons and armors, is simply increasing it's "plus," like most games. In Legend of Edda, the highest possible upgrade is +10.

    Upgrade Success Chance
    +1 - 100.0%
    +2 - 100.0%
    +3 - 81.4%
    +4 - 64.9%
    +5 - 48.4%
    +6 - 31.9%
    +7 - 19.8%
    +8 - 11.0%
    +9 - 3.3%
    +10 - 2.2%
    *Generally, people have more problems going to +9 and +10, and based on the success rate, it's reasonable.

    Upgrade Glows (Weapons Only)
    +1 - Dim Blue
    +2 - Weak Yellow
    +3 - Weak Red
    +4 - Weak Blue
    +5 - Yellow with Weak White Lines
    +6 - Red with White Lines
    +7 - Blue with White Lines and Weak Purple Aura
    +8 - Bright Yellow with White Lines and Weak Purple Aura
    +9 - Bright Red with White Lines and Purple Aura
    +10 - Ethereal Blue with White and Purple Auras

    Upgrade Protection Gloves - Cash Shop Item
    A cash shop item that protects the item from breaking upon failing. This item disappears no matter what result comes up. This item is taken off the slot in the upgrade window after each try, unlike the item and the upgrade stone.
    DO NOT use on vested items because that's just stupid and a waste of money. If you want to upgrade God Armors/Weapons, "Ladder" upgrade it (Read below for explanation).
    DO NOT use when going to +1 and +2. When the item is expensive and rare, like unique items or high leveled weapons/armors, use starting at +3. If items are low leveled and affordable, "Ladder" upgrade it too.

    "Ladder Climb"
    Basically, when doing this form of upgrading, you obtain multiple kinds of a single item and upgrade them with each other as a back up. For example, if you have three bows of the same kind, upgrade one to certain point, like +4, provided that it doesn't break, and then upgrade the other two to +4, and climb up one by one from there. If one succeeds to +5, try the others. Each fail eliminates one back up, so when you have only one left, stop.

    More details and pictures coming soon.

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