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    Snow Dragon Raid


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    Snow Dragon Raid

    Post by Suzaku on Mon Nov 29, 2010 11:37 pm

    Warning: Nobody in our version of Edda has successfully completed this Raid.

    Luna Words of Wisdom: Snowy has reincarnated into a Dragon to kill us all...(Not the real picture of the Dragon...or the real picture of Snowy.)

    Basic Information
    Maximum Raiders: 30 (Divine Guard Party)
    Bronze Coin Consumption: 3
    Snow Dragon HP: 4mil

    Snow Dragon Attacks (Made up names):
    Icicle Spikes - Blue shades on the ground below you appear and strike. You have 1 second to evade. Aoe.
    Time Bomb - There is no escape. Run away from your allies to prevent them being killed too. You will get hit no matter what if this lands on you, and most likely result to death unless you have insane gear and HP. Aoe/splash damage.
    Summon Minions - Self-explanatory
    Tail Rape - Aoe physical attack that rapes mages.
    Freeze - Aoe that freezes everyone for a few seconds
    Heal - Restores HP every time someone dies
    Berserk - Permanent +300% attack buff

    Solutions *Limited to Mage's point of view*

    Icicle Spikes
    Sorcerers: Don't be overexcited and use your skills. I suggest using normal attack so you have time to react once the blue shades appear. Do NOT use your
    Frozen Protect skill for these because you can evade them manually.
    Chasers: Your skills are casted fast enough that you can evade even when using skills, provided that Power Shot effect is at 5.
    Dark Walkers/Gladiators: Evade if you can to avoid extra damage for Priests to heal.
    Priests: Teleport. Duh.
    Tank: Ignore and watch your HP for potions.

    Time Bomb
    Sorcerers: This is it, run away from your allies like they want to steal your cookies. Then use
    Frozen Protect and HP potions until your HP is full (Don't be cheap they're just 1k), and finally brace for impact. You should survive with the bubble.
    All classes: Run away from your allies to avoid being called, "Party Killer"

    Summon Minions
    All DPSers: Kill all the minions summoned to help the tank do his/her job and the healers as well.

    Tail Rape
    Sorcerers: Have at least +5 gear...all I can say Sad
    Chasers: Ignore and keep using potions when needed.
    Dark Walkers: Have at least +5 gear as well since you will be up close and will be hit more.
    Gladiators: Ignore
    Priests: Have at least +5 gear as well. Heal yourself with pots and use your healing skills on others.
    Tank: Ignore

    Sorcerers/Chasers/Dark Walkers: Pray that it won't be followed up by any attacks that kill you.
    Gladiator: Wait patiently.
    Priests: Pray that nobody will die while you are frozen.
    Tank: Pray that you don't die while frozen and lose aggro.

    -9000>x^2 (No solution)

    All classes: Get the HP down to below a certain percentage (I believe 40%, not completely sure) in under 10minutes and the boss won't use this.

    Other Useful Tactics

    Pet Shield
    Have your pet out during the Raid on "Stand By," to shield yourself from Time Bombs. Once the bomb starts ticking on your pet, unsummon him and resummon him to delete it. If you get it as well for some reason, unsummon him and brace for impact, no need for extra deaths.

    The boss is huge and will take up your mouse clicking space. Target the summoned monsters with Tab, and target the boss with your mouse. Move with W, A, S, D keys.

    Speedy Gonzales
    Keep yourself mobile at all times! Speed enchants help a ton. Moonstones are expensive still, minimum of 800k every 10, which is 1 try. Speed Star Yetis (Lv 39) drop them in Snow Mountain.

    So...why come to this suicidal ceremony?
    ORANGE WEAPONS aka unique weapons.

    Information from in game experience, Legend of Edda forums, and HelloGangster.
    More information coming soon...

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    Re: Snow Dragon Raid

    Post by xSuikix on Tue Dec 14, 2010 4:19 pm

    xD our last raid was a fail xD
    but this guild is awesome :3
    see u ingame/war suzu nii Very Happy

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