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    I Must Apoligize



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    I Must Apoligize

    Post by Zanngetsu on Mon Nov 15, 2010 11:05 am

    Hello To All Fellow Guild Members I Am Zanngetsu On Luna Online a Lvl 43 Swordman I would Like to apologize to all of you for a waste in space because of inactivity i believe i think this is the best path only due to Luna Online Has Ceased To Function for me i can absolutely not get it to work and i have tried every possible solution to try and fix this issue but nothing ever seems to work so from this point i will be leaving Phoenix Due To No Longer Being Able To Access Luna Online

    Again I Must Give My Sincerest Apologies For This Because I Love This Guild So Very Much And I Wanted To Be Able To Contribute In Some Manner But I Just Am In Active To Much To Be Any Use To This Guild And So With These Final Words I Say My Farewells

    Sincerely Zanngetsu My True Self In Real Life James I Must Depart And I Once More Again Apologize for Being such a nuisance to you all -bows respectfully- u.u

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    Re: I Must Apoligize

    Post by Gevurah on Mon Nov 22, 2010 8:03 pm

    u dont really have to go u can still be apart of the over group Phoenix. we are more than a guild in games. we are a big family/ group of friends.


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