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    Post by Sylhiri on Thu Nov 04, 2010 10:38 pm

    This is the forum for your opinions on what you want to see in the guild. A detailed non-ranting thread goes a long way so post here.


    The managers and masters of Phoenix welcome you. We treat this guild and the guild members in it like very close friends, if you have a problem please message any of us.

    We welcome ACTIVE members, if your not active then you might have to join another guild. I see it like this, if active members come in the guild and see that most of the guild is inactive then it's unfair to them and very boring. Everyone has lives but if you can't spare 1-2 hours a day or every second day then I can't say you'll do well here. If you have to leave for a period of time or live in a different timezone then please post here or in the timezone forums.


    New - Trial period for new recruits. We look at your actions and activity.

    Common - Your a member of the guild now. You are allowed to participate in guild events and elections.

    Excellence - Your an active member of our guild, you've shown to be a excellent guild member by helping others. You may be elected to Manager through your hard work. You gain 2% gold from guild events.

    Manager - Your an elected member of Phoenix, you now have more responsibility dealing with current members, adding more members but you get 5% of gold from events.

    Master - The owner of Phoenix. You can go to him if you have any issues with the guild or go to the managers.

    -Guild Events and Elections-

    Any Phoenix member from Common to Master is able to being an idea forward for an event. The managers will discuss this idea and leave or change it so that it is fair and possible. All events require a small amount of gold to enter and there will be prizes depending on the amount of people participating. The entrance fees are used to pay Excellence and Manager members as well as Guild Items.

    Guild Items are used for Managers as a reward. The Managers can not sell these items and if they break them they must pay the amount of worth that item is. If a new Manager is elected then they previous one hands over the item to the next one. If the items become dated or useless then they are sold and the money gained from that is used for new items or guild event rewards. Only the Master can hold on to this money.

    Elections are cast every month. Common up to Excellent are used to vote for ten members for election. Then everyone from Common to Manager can vote for the one member they want elected. The top five people will become Managers. Master cannot vote for Managers. Voting is cast in the forums. Cheating will get you expelled from the guild.

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