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    Leveling Guide: 1-30


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    Leveling Guide: 1-30

    Post by Seitz on Tue Oct 12, 2010 11:23 pm

    This is just a mini guide; nothing fancy. I'm posting this so when you are leveling, you don't have to travel back to town to turn in a quest and then find out you have another quest that asks for the same type of monster 9999 miles away. Sometimes it will probably make you give up for a few minutes.
    Also, having some more coordination with a guide will make things more effective.
    If you use this guide with a full party, it is probably the fastest way to level up. G U A R A N T E E D. What a Face

    Note: This guide is probably useless if you are not playing the game yet. It is a guide that actually guides you when playing the game.

    When you arrive to the first town, take all the quests.
    Kill enough rats and finish those quests. You will be level 2 with all quests done.
    Return to town and talk to the guard to report in your rat quest. You will be level 3.
    Turn in your other quest and take all quests.
    Go kill Contaminated Rats. By the time you have killed enough of them to finish your 2 quests that need them, you should be level 4 already. Talk to Philips in the Outpost. He has another quest too. Accept it and return to Gaiyan town. You should have reached level 5 by now.

    Go out and receive another quest from Victoria in Gaiyan Plain. Go straight to "Uphill of Fear" and kill boars and red boars to complete 2 quests. If after killing enough boars and red boars don't get you to level 6, stay there and level up! (you should need about 5% more only).Return to town for other quests (learn some skills too!).

    Go out and talk to Jasper. Then begin killing boars + red boars, then go kill mad boars. Mad boars are a little bit further past the Outpost, so on the way there, take the quest from Cristos. (side note: You will have a quest from Rona. Don't take it yet. Continue reading to know when to take it Razz) Mad boars will give you quest items for 2 quests: "Pork Party" and "Stolen Materials."You may level up to 7 and finish Pork Party quest at the same time and "Stolen Materials" will probably be halfway. If you just finished "Pork Party", it's ok, turn in the quest and don't kill anymore. But be sure you are level 7 by now. If you finished both quests, great, do the same thing: turn in the quest to Jasper near Uphill of Fear. Then go back to Gaiyan Town and turn in+receive quests. If you haven't finished "Stolen Materials", don't worry. Later, you will receive more quests that ask you to kill Mad boars.

    Go to Gaiyan Plain and talk to Jasper. You should have a few quests that require you to kill Lockes, so go kill the Lockes. When you have killed enough for the, turn in all the possible quests (that means you have to go back to Gaiyan Town). After turning in the quests, you should be level 8 and have new quests to take.

    Go to Gaiyan Plains and receive all the quests. Kill the required Mad boars to finish all the quests that need them, including “Stolen Materials”. Go back to Gaiyan Town and turn in the quests.

    You can now receive the quest from the NPC Rona. She is between Crying Plain and Ominous Plain. Go kill some Redwing Lockes now. After you find the document, talk to Rona, since she is just right below the stairs at Ominous Plain. Finish leveling to 9 by killing some more Redwing Lockes. You should only need about 5 of them. Now go ahead and kill Mad Lockes. You have a lot of quests that need them. On your way back to turning in some quests, go to Hill of Waste and kill Veteran White Wolves. Turn in your quest in Gaiyan Plain and go back to Gaiyan Town. You should be level 10 now.
    You will receive the quest to go to Hypit Dungeon instance. Do it with the guild!

    Go back to Gaiyan Plain, turn in the quests, and receive the quest from the NPC Anthone. Now go kill White Wolves. After you have killed enough, report to Anthone and go back to Gaiyan Town. Go outside and talk to Philip, then Rona. Go back to Gaiyan Town to complete “[Main]Ruler of the Plains”. Go to Hill of Waste, kill Skull, then go to Gold Mine.

    Take all the quests and teleport back to Gaiyan town to report quests to Tessa and Havrin (and others). Go back to Gold Mine and talk to Castiel. Now, begin by doing the repeatable quest from Aeolin. It’s called “[Repeat]Material for Aeoline” and you have to kill Old Goblins. Do it until your are level 12. At level 10, you receive 9.11%+monster EXP per run. At level 11, you receive 6.45%+monster EXP per run. Go kill Goblins and Hypits now and finish your quests. Turn them in and receive new quests. Go kill Hypit Instructors, then report to the NPCs. (Except Marianne) Now, go kill Hypits, Hypit Fighters, and Hypit Instructors. After delivering all the quests, you should be level 13. Take and turn in all the quests (except the ones in Gaiyan Town and don’t talk to Allen for the “Minor Joke” quest yet). The NPC Becker will have a repeatable quest for you. You have to kill Goblin Chasers (no-armor ones) and get Shattuckites. Do it until you are level 15. At level, take all the quests.

    Do the repeatable quest “[Repeat]Paunus’s Pipe” from Aeolin until level 17.

    Before you go on, finish the quest “[Main] Goblin’s Test!!” Go kill 20 Goblins (and while you are there, kill some Old Goblins to finish NPC Paimon’s quest). When you turn in the quest to the Goblin, you will have to kill Goblin Chasers (armored ones) now. You should have 4 quests asking you to kill those. Turn in all those quests.You will have to kill Death Kimairas and Thunder Kimairas. Turn in all quests again. You should still have the quest “Feeling Sorry” from Mist. Go kill Goblin Chasers (non-armored ones) for it. Turn in the quest (NPC Paumenion has a new quest. When you take it, it will request you to kill Goblin Chasers again) and begin the quest from Mist. After turning in that one, you should be level 18. Go to Paumenion, and then go kill Goblin Chasers (non-armored ones). He will ask you to kill Thunder Kimairas. Your next quest will be to kill Flying Kimairas, Kimairas, Thunder Kimairas, and Death Kimairas (weapon is comparable to the one you get by killing Phantom Knight). Go to Frosty Wind Valley after you turn in that quest.

    When you arrive at Frosty Wind Valley, talk to the NPCs in this order: Querene>Trake>All NPCs in Avila Town (Olympus side town)>NPCs are Forest of Twilight. When you have turned in and received all quests, go kill Little Axe Bears. Turn in your quest and Nestro will ask you to kill Sick Capricorns (2 quests need them). Go kill Sick Capricorns, Dark Beasts and Corrupted Warriors. Turn in all the quests you have. You should be level 19 now (if not, kill a few more monsters!) and with 2 new quests. The Oracle Goddess gives you a repeatable quest. Go kill Wild Dark Beasts until the next level. You will have 2 repeatable quests at level 20, one in which you have to kill Wild Dark Beasts and the other, Mad Corrupted Warriors. They are close together, so kill them until level 21. (site note: don’t forget your job-change quest at 20!). When you reach level 21, turn in your repeatable quests only. And for now, receive the repeatable quest from the Oracle Goddess. You will still have the Corrupted Warriors repeatable quest and a new one that asks for Furious Axe Bears. Do the Corrupted Warriors one until level 22.

    At level 22, you have the repeatable quest for Furious Axe Bears. You can do this quest until level 23, but since this one is the worst of all repeatable quests (not a lot of bears around and they have high HP), my suggestion is to do other quests and turn them in, and then finish the level with this repeatable quest. So, when you reach level 22, turn in all the quests and make sure you receive all of the quests. Go to Frosty Wind Valley part of the map and kill Flame Kimairas, Faunus Fighters, Warriors, Patrols, Guards, Furious Dark Beasts, Corrupted Warrior Commanders, Hypit Magicians, and Hypit Bosses (luckily, they are all near one another). After you have killed enough, report to Querene first (finishing her quest will allow a new one from Mani), then to the missing NPCs. Be sure you have talked to Nestro and then go kill “Corrupted Warriors” and Furious Axe Bears. Now, finish leveling to 22 by doing the Furious Axe Bear repeatable quest.

    When you hit 23, go to Frozen Temple and receive the quest from Melina and the Oracle Goddess. The quest from the Oracle Goddess is another repeatable quest. You have to kill Thunder Dark Beasts this time. Do the quest until level 25. You receive another repeatable quest at level 25 from the Oracle Goddess. It asks for Giant Claw Scorpion Man. It will take you to level 28.

    There are no repeatable quests at level 28. Fear not, for you should have plenty of quests that are still intact.. First thing, go kill Scorpion Men and turn in the quest to Melina and receive her new quest. Receive the quest from Nasri . Both quests ask for Driads and Thunder Dark Bears. Go kill those two types of monsters. Turn in the quests. Talk to Blinchard>Ashley, then go kill Thrower Luinels and Luinels. Turn in the quest and go kill Dark Scorpions. Talk to Blinchard>Ashley and Rucas. Now, go kill some Ice Scorpions and Furious Luinels. When you have enough, talk to Rosetti>Nasri>Catalina, and go back to Rucas. You now have a few quests for Snow Horses, Red Snow Horses, and Lack Death Creature. Go kill enough and report to Rucas and Ashley. Rucas will ask you to kill Big Claw Scorpion and Dark Scorpion. When you have finished, report to Rucas and Catalina>Rosetti. When you finish Rucas’ quest, Arion will have a new one for you. Talk to him to receive it. Catan asks you to kill Dark Scorpion and Big Claw Skorpion. After you have finished, talk to him and then to Marin. If you are not yet level 29, go kill some monsters or turn in the [Day] quests (You should have some finished by now) and do the Faunus King quest.

    Now that you are level 29, you receive a new repeatable quest from the Oracle Goddess at Frozen Temple. Do it until level 30.

    Level 12 to 17: Start killing Faunus from level 12, right after finishing the Old Goblin repeatable quest. You do it until 15 and then start the repeatable quest for them, until 17.

    1. Levels you can learn new skills:

    2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 11, 13, 17, 17, 20, 20, 21, 25, 29, 34

    Provided so you don't go to town every level and look to see if you have new skills.

    2. Swordman Job Advancement Quest:

    1. Talk to Freax at Frozen Slope (Frosty Wind Valley).
    2. Speak with Casillas (Gold Mine)
    3. Speak with Ron (Gold Mine)
    4. Go kill Faunus Warriors and Faunus Guards (Frosty Wind Valley)
    5. Report to Ron
    6. Talk with Casillas.
    7. Go back and report to Freax.
    8. Last Step: Report to Magellan.

    All job advancement quests have one thing in common: you have to kill Faunus Warriors and Guards. So, get to that part of the quest and do it with the rest of the party.

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    Re: Leveling Guide: 1-30

    Post by xSuikix on Wed Oct 13, 2010 10:04 pm

    Seitz, this is too much text for me to handle Dx

    ...but still awesome :3

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    Re: Leveling Guide: 1-30

    Post by Seitz on Thu Oct 14, 2010 1:01 am

    I know. I thought of that and a simpler version with numbered bullets. If I wake up earlier, it shall be done. If not...well, you will just have to resort to read this one and then @ @ @ @ @

    But yea, it should be effective if followed lol!


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    Re: Leveling Guide: 1-30

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